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A guide to the stats that are posted on this site. This will be updated as needed.

Progression of a contest: Capcom Pro Tour contests are defined as Matches, Games, Rounds. Street Fighter League contests are defined as Matches, Sets, Games, Rounds.

What stats are included on this site: For the Capcom Pro Tour, only matches that happen within the final eight (Top 8) are included. This refers to when there are four players remaining in the winners (upper) bracket and four players remaining in the losers (elimination) bracket. It also includes any tournaments where eight players start from the winners bracket, with no entrants in the losers bracket. Any other matches within the Capcom Pro Tour that are not of a Top 8 designation are noted as other.

Bracket progression is as noted in the database.

Championship Series: Grand Final and Reset Final and are considered separate matches with their own separate data. Both matches are labeled as Championship Series.

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MW: Matches Won

ML: Matches Lost

GW: Games Won

GL: Games Lost

RW: Rounds Won

RL: Rounds Lost

Time: Elapsed time. Stats noted in the database are of time of the round, not time remaining.

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Seasons: The Capcom Pro Tour is divided into the regular season (Capcom Pro Tour events, 2020 Capcom Pro Tour Season Finale) and the postseason (Capcom Cup, Last Chance Qualifier).

Monitors: 0 means the tournament was played online. 1 means the players competing in the match had to use the same monitor for viewing. 2 monitors mean the players competing in the match viewed the game from their own monitor.

Win Probability: Based on similar situations within the designated league, what are the chances a player or team wins the match at each point played? For the Capcom Pro Tour as of 4/6/2021, data from the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 seasons are used to form the win probability. The percentages are then updated with each match played and added to the database. An update to every match will be done at the end of each season. The 2020 Capcom Pro Tour Season Finale is not accounted for in the totals.

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Character names: The following names are used in replacement of the names of the characters in the North American version of Street Fighter V:

* M. Bison: Dictator
* Balrog: Boxer
* Vega: Claw

Akuma is used for that specific character

= = =

Eleven: For the 2021 Capcom Pro Tour season, Eleven has been banned from being used. Therefore, Eleven will be excluded in search until the character is deemed eligible for tournament use.

= = =

Player names: As of July 2019, two player names have been changed

Jones Arcade is now Shaquille
Yukadon is now Fujimura

Please email if a name needs to be changed in the database.

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