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There will be 32 players scheduled to compete in Capcom Cup VIII, scheduled to take place in 2022.

Entry into Capcom Cup is based on winning one of the online regional events or being the highest-placing player if all players ahead in the standings have already qualified.

The participants are noted in the table below, including which event the player has qualified from.

Click on a player name to see their season stats. Click on an event to see results.

As of 4/30/2021, according to the Capcom Pro Tour qualification page, Idom has been deemed as a Capcom Cup qualifier by way of being the most recent champion (2019). Therefore, he has been added to the list.

Event Qualifier
Capcom Cup 2019Idom
Japan 1Mago
Central America West 1Gama
North America West 1Nephew
Eastern Asia 1
South America West 1
Brazil 1
Middle East
Western Europe 1
North America Midwest 1
France/Spain/Portugal 1
North America East 1
South Africa
United Kingdom and Ireland 1
Japan 2
Central America East 1
North America West 2
Eastern Europe
Japan 3
Southeast Asia
Central America West 2
Brazil 2
Eastern Asia 2
France/Spain/Portugal 2
North America Midwest 2
United Kingdom and Ireland 2
Central America East 2
North America East 2
Japan 4

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