What Method is getting with its new players

Two players familiar to the fighting game scene announced earlier this week they are joining Method Gaming and will compete under that banner in the 2018 Capcom Pro Tour Season as well as the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series Season 3.

Broski and Imstilldadaddy are two of Method’s new acquisitions, and the team said it is not done yet, as more announcements are coming.

For now, let’s look at Broski and Imstilldadaddy, who are two solid pickups for a team that missed the playoffs last season.

Broski is coming from Endpoint, which won’t be competing in Season 3. Of all the players who were on that team, he had the best totals, and it’s good to see him get picked up to compete in the Gfinity Elite Series again.

Probably the most notable number was him going 3-1 in clutch rounds. Not many rounds, but it signaled that Endpoint turned to him late in the matches, and he delivered most of the time when it counted.

His .895 late-round closeout rate last season was seventh best among those who played at least 25 rounds.

Player Total Rounds Late Round Closeout

Method needs that. Their .889 late-round closeout rate in Season 1 dropped to .860 in Season 2. If Broski can deliver the hammer in his second or third time on the call, Method should rise up from its 3-4 status from last season.

Where things might trip up will be against Karin and Boxer. Two games, but Broski didn’t get a win against those two characters last season. They’re not popular picks in the Gfinity Elite Series, but they did finish with winning records last season among all of the users (Karin 8-6, Boxer 10-9). Opposing teams might set up for that the second time through the rotation.

Imstilldadaddy is a unique pickup but should be good for Method if he improves season over season. He’s on that previous table, if you noticed, posting a solid .875 late-round closeout rate last season with Infused. Games wise, he was 5-4 with his main, Guile, last season. That was a three-win improvement from the previous season.

Usually he was the one to draw the toughest foe on the opposing teams, and he let me know that.

Correct. Not all games are created equal. One player could face each team’s best each time, while not-as-skilled (although in the Gfinity Elite Series you have to be great) players don’t have to deal with that matchup. That seemed to be the case with The General. However, those games can be examined to find the crucial points, and with his games, the point is noticeable — Round 3s.

In two seasons, he is 1-7 in Round 3s, including an 0-4 outing last season. That’s shocking because he is a solid player but that’s where the climb to the playoffs begins. Here are his numbers in two seasons of Round 3s.

Season Player RW RL 50CB 50CB% 25CB 25CB% 50BL 50CL 25BL 25CL Clutch W Clutch L Time

Opponents are getting the lead late and making it stick. If he reverses the trend in Season 3 and finds gold in the money round, Method will have a solid 1-2 punch to challenge not only for a postseason spot, but a championship series appearance. A third season in a row of bad Round 3s would be unfathomable. I’m banking on him reversing the trend in the upcoming season.

Now we await for the rest of the roster to come to life for a team aiming to get that championship.