Updates on the site for weekend of 6/15-17

Parts of the site will be down at different times for the majority of the upcoming weekend because of changes and additions to the databases. If you are planning to visit the site during the weekend, stats will be down for these changes.

All stats will be back up at the latest beginning Monday, June 17.

Here are the planned changes and additions coming to the site this weekend

— Capcom Pro Tour 2016 premier events will be added
— New stats pages for players who reached a Capcom Pro Tour 2016 Top 8 in 2016 (players who already have a page won’t be affected).
— Honor text will be added for all ranking winners, premier winners, Evolution champions and Capcom Cup champions since 2016
— Gfinity Elite Series stats will be reworked to add the Australian series currently underway.
— The first weeks of the Australian series will be added.
— Gfinity Elite Series Australian series portal will be created with player and team pages.
— Gfinity Elite Series UK and Australia player pages will be updated to match the Capcom Pro Tour player pages.
— Honor text will be added for all division champions, season champions and individual player honors for the first 3 Gfinity Elite Series UK seasons.
— Updated Glossary and FAQ

Stats from the latest Red Bull Conquest regional tournament, scheduled for June 16 in Southern California, will be posted after all of the site updates have been completed.

For those needing information about a player or a certain scenario statistic while the database is down this weekend, reach me at getyourtournament@gmail.com.