Updates on the site for Weekend of 5/19-20

Usually, database updates to tournaments occur within the same day, if not within hours of the event ending. However, updates to tournaments held the weekend of May 19 and 20 will be posted on the site later than normal.

The tentative schedule for each tournament series:

Red Bull Conquest: The next event is scheduled for Saturday, May 19, in Seattle. Stats updates from the Top 4 will be posted as early as Sunday, May 20. UPDATE: Stats updates will be posted as early as Monday, May 21.

Capcom Pro Tour: There are three Top 8s scheduled for Sunday, May 20: Battle Arena Melbourne 10, Stunfest and Toryuken. Stats updates from the three Top 8s will be posted all at once as early as Monday, May 21.

The Top 8 matchup chart, updated after every tournament, will only be updated once, which will be at the conclusion of the final tournament to take place on May 20 (expected to be Toryuken).

At the very latest, all stats updates will be available beginning Tuesday, May 22.