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The following are updates pending or having taken place already in regard to stats on the site

1. Capcom Cup 2019 stats are on the site and available for search (Updated)

2. Events on the site placed into two overall designations: Regular Season, Postseason (Pending)

3. I've decided to scrap the 2021 book and instead focus on compiling pre-2016 Capcom Pro Tour data. (In Progress)

4. I will be asking someone to join me, in a paid capacity, to help compile pre-2016 Capcom Pro Tour data and update the website. (Pending)

Explanation of the changes

In regard to the Regular Season and Postseason designations, on the site and as I present data in various locations, these are the designations going forward:

Regular Season: Capcom Pro Tour events defined by the CPT as taking place on or before the date of the end of the specific year's regular season (2016-19), the Capcom Pro Tour Season Final (2020)

Postseason: Last Chance Qualifier (2017-19), Capcom Cup (2016-19)

These changes were based on a decision to create a more defined line of statistical achievements players make in regard to Top 8s. There was too much of a churn and blend of events going on, in and out of the Capcom Pro Tour, that the time is now to create a hardline definition that I will be sticking with. Because the Capcom Pro Tour has the set schedule and ruleset, creating the specific designations was possible.

This decision also was made looking at how I presented data that included regular season and postseason stats; there was too much of having to make clarifications for my own conscience. I also looked at other traditional sports and higher-level esports and their stats and databases to see what was done.

Going forward, any stats mentioned in terms of regular season will have this designation. Postseason will be even more specific if needed, but it'll default to Capcom Cup most times. The site's search features will change to reflect these new designations.

The primary arguments against these updates will involve the Last Chance Qualifier and its placement within the stats compiled, that:

1. It is a Premier event as designated by Capcom and should be grouped within the other Premier events that happen during the official regular season.

2. Players who qualify for that Top 8 would be given postseason stats even though only 1 of the 8 will actually have made it to Capcom Cup.

3. There is no need to separate any events

There were several other scenarios that I noted, and each are justified. It came down to the following: how can we best define stats that happen within the Capcom Pro Tour's regular season and postseason? These changes I believe will be the best answer to this in regard to how I present the data.

These changes also will require a revamp of the search options within the database, which I'm currently going through. There will be a lot of consolidation.

Throughout all of this, another point came to mind, that it is best to tell the statistical story of the Capcom Pro Tour in full. That means going back beyond 2016.

So in addition to the changes to the site, I will be grabbing as many stats as possible of Top 8s of the Street Fighter IV era, which was 2013-15.

This will take a few months to collect, but I will be looking to have someone join me on a paid basis to get this task done. More info to come soon.

With the additions and changes to the database, I want to recommit myself to making sure the database is as updated as possible so others can use for research for streams or matches. This means not writing the 2021 book as planned, as my time will go toward compiling data. I have said in the past that my time would likely be done upon completion of the final Capcom Pro Tour season involving Street Fighter V, but I am not ready to make that official yet.

Any questions about the current and upcoming changes can be sent to Please do not ask about the paid position until I share more information about it at a later time.

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