The task of EnvyUs repeating

There was a lot of roster movement in the weeks leading up to Gfinity Elite Series Season 3. EnvyUs, however, has seemed to hold its own, keeping its core intact as it prepares to defend its title. Week 1 of Season 3 is just a few days away.

Are the champions ready to go? Here’s what one analysis said on the Gfinity site:

Let’s not beat around the bush anymore though; it’s time to talk about THAT SFV roster. A roster so strong that even the loss of TKR to Vitality doesn’t seem to have dented it at all. The core quartet of Mr Crimson, Nassim-Claw, Layo and Confz are augmented by two excellent supersubs in RealMenace and former Endpoint standout JonesArcade. This is potentially the strongest set of six players in the entire SFV championship and likely the biggest challenge of all will be the team selection meetings each week. Get that right, and the way is open for them to retain their SFV crown – hopefully after one more epic encounter with exceL in the playoffs.

TKR will be a notable loss given what he did last season, and I’ll get into that in a moment.

Let’s start with how they did overall last season. A 6-1 record speaks volumes about their run to the title, and they backed it up with a revenge win over Excel in the postseason and a 4-0 sweep in the championship series against Prophecy.

The team’s ability to hold onto a lead late when they got it was huge. They started Season 2 holding onto 22 consecutive late-round leads. They only blew 4 late leads in S2 regular season play and they all came well after their ticket to the dance was punched.

Here’s how all of the players on last year’s team did with a late lead:

Player Leads Blown

That’s the mark of a championship team. Very few opponents had answers for the navy blue squad. This is what the other four teams in the division will have to deal with.

However, you probably noticed the departed TKR having an 10-0 mark with a late lead. Going unbeaten is no shake especially in a regular season with so few matches, and that will be missed by EnvyUs.

The champs are hoping Real Menace and Jones Arcade will be able to fill that spot. Can they?

Real Menace only had 5 opportunities with a lead in Season 1, winning 4 of them.

Jones Arcade went 6-2 in rounds with a late lead last season, which is good until seeing that he played 19 rounds and didn’t have a comeback win in the 11 rounds he trailed. When he played, the rounds were decided early. That will be a challenge within, for him to flip those deficits when he gets the call to get on the sticks.

Overall, EnvyUs should be the favorites as people are penning them as. Even if they don’t front load their best players, as I suggested a while back to the teams competing this year, they should have enough firepower throughout the roster to get back to the postseason provided they hold onto leads the way they did last season.