Momi is off to a fast start and slowing down Abigails

Your wins leader in the Gfinity Elite Series is Momi, and he’s doing it against Abigail players.

Let’s hold up there for a second because that sentence might sound a little off for many out there who are wondering what’s up with the rest of the Gfinity field, or for people who are anti-Abigail.

Not really the first part, I’m sure fans of Gfinity would probably name Momi as one of the contenders to lead Season 3 in wins. However, they would have a few other names planted in as well in that discussion. Here we are after two weeks, with Momi the outright leader at 4-0.

He’s only dropped two rounds, and he’s a perfect 7-for-7 when he has a late lead.

Momi was one of the few bright spots for Nordavind this past weekend as the newcomers to the league lost 4-2 to Vitality to drop to 1-1.

In three of his four games, Momi has faced three different Abigail users and turned Vroom Vroom City into a No Crossing Zone.

But how? When chatter about how Abigail is a pest is becoming louder by the day, how is Momi getting it done? When I watched his games again to dive deeper into other numbers, the answer wasn’t obvious the first time around.

Look at his numbers against the three Abigails and they are what a good player does. He did an non-Critical Art EX move 12 times and got a hit 9 times and a block one other time. Doing damage 10 of 12 attempts (.833) is really good. Those three Abigails, in the three games, did just one EX move that connected and one other that was blocked. That’s it.

Over the years, it’s been proven that the more EX moves a player does, the higher the chances are of that player getting the win. Of course, back in the Street Fighter IV days, EX usage wasn’t tied to ultra usage as is the case with Street Fighter V.

The one thing I’ve noticed Abigail users do is pin their opponent and take advantage of that opportunity to suck the life out of their opponent.

The interesting part about Momi is that he’s getting sent to the corner be it himself walking back or getting slapped there by an Abigail, but he’s able to withstand that pressure.

In eight rounds against the three Abigail users, Momi was sent to the corner 10 times, while Momi sent those Abigails to the corner 10 times.

That right there is even. Here’s where things tilted to Momi. It was all about what happened when the Abigail or Momi’s Cammy was in the corner. Could either one do considerable damage against the other?

In the 20 different instances combined where one character was in the corner, Momi did 14 combos and the Abigails did 6.

The extra sauce to that stat is interesting. In the 10 times Momi was in the corner, he did 5 combos against the Abigail user, and the Abigails did 4 combos.

In most cases, getting pinned by an Abigail means praying, praying more, flipping a coin to guess correctly on the next one or two moves while praying even more. For Momi, he has been able to survive and thrive. Nordavind is going to need that the rest of the way.

Momi looked to be the power piece to Salty Kid, Phenom and Shivryuken. Now, it might not be a stretch to say he needs to be front loaded in future matches.

It could be easy to go with any other player on the roster. Momi is the hot hand right now, and there are a few beasts out there that still lurk, so him playing Game 4 consistently is worth a shot. Barring a 7 gamer where the team receives a consolation point in the standings, Nordavind (1-1) might be in deep trouble if it loses again. With the way he’s playing so far, Momi looks to be worthy of the go-to nod for the second time through the lineup.