Evo Japan numbers now posted

Evolution Japan 2018 Top 8 totals have been posted and can be viewed by going to this page.

A couple of quick hitters if you’re looking through the table wondering what’s going on:

  • Daigo Umehara went 4-0 in clutch rounds. Of course, he’s Daigo so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Still, given the caliber of talent at the event, it is very noteworthy.
  • The average round time was 52.29 seconds. That is almost 7 seconds slower than the average round time in all Capcom Pro Tour Top 8s last year. I had to verify several times to make sure that was correct because it’s amazing that the round time was that slow.
  • John Takeuchi was in the volatile quadrant with his comeback and closeout rates but it nearly resulted in the win.

Mid-round comeback rate: .316
Late-round comeback rate: .263
Mid-round closeout rate: .591
Late-round closeout rate: .778