Every 2-0 and 2-1 comeback in the Capcom Pro Tour Top 8s 2018

The following is a list of every player who fell behind 2-0 or 2-1 in a Capcom Pro Tour 2018 Top 8 match and rallied to win. To be on this list, the match must have happened in the Top 8 and be a 5-game series.

The score indicated is the score at the time the winner fell behind 2-0 or 2-1 and then eventually prevailed.

Date Event Bracket Winner Opponent Games Won Games Lost
3/18/2018Final Round XXIWinners BracketTokidoVerloren12
3/25/2018Thaiger UppercutLosers BracketItabashi ZangiefK-Brad12
3/25/2018Thaiger UppercutWinners FinalTokidoSakonoko02
3/25/2018Thaiger UppercutLosers SemifinalAzizItabashi Zangief12
4/1/2018Northern California Regionals 16Losers BracketInfiltrationVerloren12
4/1/2018Northern California Regionals 16Winners BracketTokidoVerloren02
4/8/2018Brussels ChallengeLosers BracketSalty KidJones Arcade12
4/8/2018Brussels ChallengeLosers BracketTakamuraJohn Takeuchi12
4/8/2018Brussels ChallengeLosers FinalBonchanProblem X02
4/14/2018Fighters SpiritGrand FinalFujimuraFuudo02
4/14/2018Fighters SpiritLosers BracketTokidoHot Dog 2902
4/14/2018Fighters SpiritLosers SemifinalFuudoMomochi12
4/14/2018CPT Online Latin America North 1Winners BracketJuanfrarothMJMaster02
4/14/2018CPT Online Latin America North 1Losers BracketkhchocoKeekay12
4/22/2018Saigon CupGrand FinalNLFuudo02
4/28/2018CPT Online North America West 1Winners FinalFlash MetroidToi12
4/29/2018Game OverLosers BracketLuiman20K-Brad02
4/29/2018Game OverGrand FinalChris TatarianCaba02
5/5/2018CPT Online Europe West 1Losers BracketBrickZera12
5/5/2018CPT Online Europe West 1Grand FinalBroskiPhenom12
5/5/2018CPT Online Europe West 1Losers FinalBroskiTakamura12
5/6/2018Texas ShowdownLosers BracketNuckleDuPunk02
5/6/2018Texas ShowdownLosers SemifinalNuckleDuProblem X02
5/12/2018CPT Online Latin America South 1Losers BracketBrolynhoPikoro12
5/12/2018CPT Online Latin America South 1Winners FinalHK DashZenith02
5/12/2018CPT Online Latin America South 1Losers SemifinalBrolynhoStunner12
5/20/2018Battle Arena Melbourne 10Losers BracketBrandonSomniac12
5/20/2018Battle Arena Melbourne 10Losers FinalXianVerloren12
5/20/2018StunfestLosers FinalFujimuraOil King12
5/20/2018StunfestLosers BracketNLHaitani02
5/20/2018ToryukenWinners FinalProblem XNuckleDu12
5/20/2018ToryukenReset FinalJustin WongProblem X12