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This page returns the totals of specific player vs player matchups in the Capcom Pro Tour Top 8s.
Select a player or choose All Players in the first dropdown box, then ...
-- select an opponent in the second dropdown box, or choose All Opponents
-- select the characters used, or choose All Characters
-- select other factors in the remaining dropdown boxes
(if you are selecting specific characters, preferrably change the score to all games)
* Indicates required choice
Notes in the table regarding some of the columns are available when you hover over the title of the column

For info on how to maximize the Play Index, view the video tutorial here!

If you're looking for specific totals only on this matchup, click here.
If you're looking for season totals for two players who are to match up, click here.





Season Date Event Type Monitor
Bracket Player Opponent Character Opposing
Game Score Round Score Win Probability
at Start
Tally of
Round Winning Streak Win Probability
after Round
Player Tourney Finish Opponent Tourney Finish

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