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UPDATE (6/6/2020): Site has been updated for 2020. The first event scheduled for June 6-7 has been moved to June 20-21 and will be the second event of the season. The season will now begin June 13-14. Data from the first event will be posted no later than June 16.

With the announcement of CPT 2020 and Evolution 2020 changing to online format, just wanted to make some notes on stat tracking for the upcoming events.

The 2020 portal will be available on the site starting June 7. Season stats will be searchable at that time and following the conclusion of the first event.

I'm still going to be tracking the majority of the stats that I normally do. That the whole season is online doesn't drastically change anything I do. I have all of the Top 8 online matchup data from the 2017-19 seasons, which you can browse through in the Play Index (example on here on this search shows everyone who won Grand Final of an online event last year).

Plan is to add V-Trigger and V-Skill options to the play index because I'm curious what will be chosen and how often it will be chosen.

This year I've decided to pass on a constant update of the win probability percentages (chances a player wins after winning/losing X round in a match). Last year, it was updated after every Top 8, but because I have 4 years of data, the changes to all 15 possible round scenarios was so small it was unnoticeable. I wanted each scenario to be as updated as possible.

So the win probability totals you see in the play index for all of 2020 will be only of data from the 2016 premiers and 2017-19 regular seasons. Win probability totals from the 2020 regular season will be added to the rest of the database after the final online event of the year.

Because of the structure of this year's online events, I also will not compile strength of schedule totals. This was the one stat that I repeatedly had to explain what it is. It really is self-explanatory, it's used in analysis for every major professional sport as well as Tier 1 esports but somehow hasn't gotten a footing here.

Aside from my mini rant above, strength of schedule was the toughest stat to compile for the database after every event. Based on the structure of the CPT 2020 schedule, there is no need to do this.

I'm using 2020 to reduce my intake on several social media platforms, more specifically Twitter. This has allowed me to focus on streamlining stats, learning new programs through Excel and work on other esports projects (sub to my YouTube, I will love you happyface). So although I'll be getting data and updating to the website as soon as possible, I'll be doing far fewer Twitter posts. Probably not going to do a thread after every event, maybe once a month or after an X multiple of events (three? five? not sure).

Feel free to email me with any questions or if you need help with stat prep ahead of an event, be it if you are a player, commentator or a reporter. And many thanks to everyone who has used the stats in previous seasons in preparation for matches or streams!

Despite the challenges that have been presented, I'm excited to add another year of data to the website to learn more about the players who compete.


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