This page will include changes to any of the databases regarding the stats. If a stat is reviewed and updated in the database, the changelog will note the changes that occurred. Uploads of tournaments following the end of events will not be included in the changelog.

6/24/2018 – Changed the Gfinity Elite Series player stats page from Dale to DaleNvrFails
6/15/2018 – Eliminated a round that awarded to both Luffy and Infexious in the Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 Week 1.
6/15/2018 – Corrected the mid-round comeback totals for all players in the Gfinity Elite Series.
6/15/2018 – Fixed matchup table for Oil King where a win against Tse4444 was not added.
6/10/2018 – Changed region for Cogumerlim to Asia-Oceana
5/29/2018 – Combo Breaker: NL has been credited with 1 additional late-round comeback (25CB), and Bonchan has been credited with 1 additional late-round blown lead (25BL) during their Winners Bracket match.
5/29/2018 – An error in the submission form credited players with late-round comebacks (25CB) during certain types of losses for all of the 2018 season. This error has been fixed, and player totals in the overall table reflect the correct late-round comeback totals.
4/29/2018 – Eliminated mirror games from the 2018 Matchup Chart table. Those games currently are not counted in the overall total.
4/24/2018 – Thaiger Uppercut: Time changed in Game 3 Round 2 of match between Itabashi Zangief and Big Bird. New time is 48 seconds elapsed.