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Capcom Pro Tour - Capcom Cup Qualifiers | Player/Season Totals | Glossary

The 2020 Capcom Cup, scheduled for Feb. 19-21, 2021, will be a group format, with the seedings determined based on the players who qualify by one of three means.

Only 20 players in total will participate in Capcom Cup. The participants are noted in the table below. Click on a player name to see their season stats. Click on an event to see results.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Capcom Cup 2019 Champion
China champion
Australia champion
Capcom Pro Tour Community Vote winner
Central America 1 champion
South America 1 champion
Central America 2 champion
South America 2 champion
Southeast Asia 1 champion
East Asia 1 champion
(Daigo Umehara)
East Asia 2 champion
Southeast Asia 2 champion
North America West 1 champion
North America East 1 champion
(DR Mandrake)
North America East 2 champion
North America West 2 champion
(XsK Samurai)
Western Europe 1 champion
Eastern Europe & Middle East 1 champion
Western Europe 2 champion
Eastern Europe & Middle East 2 champion
(Angry Bird)

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