Capcom Pro Tour Stats – Players who win from The Pit (2018)

The following is a list of players who have won a Capcom Pro Tour 2018 match when down 2-0 in games and lose Game 3 Round 1 in a 5-game series.

Player Opponent Date Event Bracket
Chris TatarianYoung Hou9/23/2018Never Give UpGrand Final
NLFuudo8/26/2018Esports Festival Hong KongWinners Final
MomiAkainu7/29/2018HeadstomperLosers Bracket
XianInfiltration5/27/2018Combo BreakerLosers Final
NLFuudo4/22/2018Saigon CupGrand Final
TokidoHot Dog 294/14/2018Fighters SpiritLosers Bracket
FujimuraFuudo4/14/2018Fighters SpiritGrand Final
MenaRDDoomsnake5079/30/2018Fighting FestGrand Final