Capcom Pro Tour 2018 Losers Final Order Results

The following is a list of all of the Losers Final matches that take place during the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 season. They are separated into two groups based on when the match takes place during the final four.

Option 1: Winners Final, Losers Semifinal, Losers Final, Grand/Reset Final
Option 2: Losers Semifinal, Winners Final, Losers Final, Grand/Reset Final

The record is of the Winners Final loser who is competing in Losers Final.

Time in parenthesis indicates the amount of time the Winners Final loser had before competing in Losers Final (time starts at the final KO of Winners Final and ends at FIGHT at the start of Losers Final)

Does the loser of Winners Final win Losers Final when the final four order is …
Option 1: WF/LSF/LF/GF?
Record: 4-8
Option 2: LSF/WF/LF/GF?
Record: 0-3
Final Round XXI: Tokido 3, Verloren* 1
Thaiger Uppercut: Sakonoko* 3, Aziz 2
Northern California Regionals 16: Daigo Umehara 3, NuckleDu* 1
Brussels Challenge: Bonchan 3, Problem X* 2
CPT Online Latin America North 1: Caba** 3, Juanfraroth* 0
Saigon Cup: Fuudo* 3, Bonchan 1
CPT Online North America West 1: Toi* 3, Tommy2step 1
Game Over^: Caba 3, Brolynho* 1
Texas Showdown: NuckleDu 3, Smug* 1
Battle Arena Melbourne 10^: Xian* 3, Verloren 2
Stunfest: Fujimura** 3, Oil King* 2
Toryuken: Justin Wong** 3, NuckleDu* 0
Fighter’s Spirit: Fuudo 3, Nemo* 1 (2:49)
CPT Online Europe West 1: Broski 3, Takamura* 2 (2:27)
CPT Online Latin America South 1: Brolynho 3, Zenith* 0 (1:59)
Current streak: Option 1 has been used 3 times.
Longest streak of tournaments using Option 1: 4 times.
* — Player who lost Winners Final competing in Losers Final
** — Won the tournament
^ — Tournament sequence was Winners Final, Losers Quarterfinal, Losers Semifinal, Losers Final, Grand/Reset Final