Capcom Cup 2018 Preview

The 2018 Capcom Cup is this weekend. Thirty-two players (following the conclusion of the Last Chance Qualifier) will compete for the ultimate prize as they try to join NuckleDu and MenaRD as Capcom Cup Street Fighter V champions. To get you ready for the weekend, here are some links breaking down some of the stats of the players who be competing.

A list of every Capcom Pro Tour 2018 match involving two players who eventually qualified for Capcom Cup.

– The average round time was 47.73 seconds. Here’s how players have done in longer rounds

and how they have done in shorter rounds.

– How have the players done in Top 8 elimination matches prior to the grand final? Here’s a table of their stats.

– Do the players change their pace as a match drags on? If we look at a match by round numbers instead of game and round and compare it to when they get to match point, perhaps there is something. Click here for a breakdown.

– It’s important to get a late lead when possible. A glance at how often the 31 Capcom Cup qualifiers got a late lead and how often they closed out the round with a win.

– Who does the computer favor? I simulated every match to find out who would be projected to win the title.
Here’s the original stream
Here’s the updated stream following the Pikoro announcement
Here’s the bracket

Search for a player (or your favorite player) here

The 31 Qualifiers Click for more totals
Player Region MW ML 25CB 25CL
NuckleDuNorth America26190.1290.831
PunkNorth America2260.1770.888
Justin WongNorth America20110.1130.813
Problem XEurope19130.2120.806
CabaLatin America1680.1900.857
Oil KingAsia-Oceana15100.1820.791
CJ TruthNorth America14110.1560.783
MenaRDLatin America1070.2530.910
Chris TatarianNorth America1070.1950.824
PikoroLatin America1070.1770.802
Xiao HaiAsia-Oceana9100.1730.869
Daigo UmeharaAsia-Oceana860.1030.795
Itabashi ZangiefAsia-Oceana890.2080.800
Angry BirdEurope720.2000.917
Big BirdEurope780.1810.800
Storm KuboAsia-Oceana180.1820.750