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The 2018 Capcom Pro Tour season is underway. We’ll be following every tournament to get all of the Top 8 stats of the players as they go for the coveted Capcom Cup championship.

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Top Performers Click for more totals
Player Region MW ML 25CB 25CL
NuckleDuNorth America22150.1290.846
Problem XEurope19130.2120.806

The Red Bull Conquest tournament series has begun, with players from throughout the U.S. trying to qualify for the Street Fighter V finals. Follow along with stats from every Top 4.

2018 Portal | Overall Stats

Top Performers Click for more totals
Player MW ML 25CB 25CL
Just A Kid310.2380.727

Six teams go for glory in the Gfinity Elite Series’ Australian edition. Get the stats on the top players from Down Under.

Gfinity Portal | Regular Season Stats | Postseason Stats

Teams in Action Click for more totals
Team MW ML 25CB 25CL
Melbourne Avant410.1820.878
Melbourne Order320.2090.773
Sydney Chiefs320.1320.786
Brisbane Deceptors230.2290.771
Perth Ground Zero230.2000.933
Sydney Roar140.3000.609